Beyond the storefront operations there are a multitude of off-site tasks being completed. There are those who do electrical and woodwork repair, cut cotton rags, unravel unwearable wool items, repair dolls, write articles for the Tofield paper, etc.

There are volunteers who transport items to other agencies, who roll up plastic bags into tidy packages, who maintain web pages or prepare brochures, who deliver flowers or food as needed, who bring homemade goodies for lunch to the stores, and many, many more.

Young people help at Busy B too, whether as Work Experience students, summer employees, doing community hours, or just because it's a great place to "B".

Busy B offers not only valuable recycling and redistribution services to our community, not only financial support to many other organizations, but also offers friendship, appreciation and a sense of family. A place and a task can be found to match any volunteer's interests or skills -- can you help?

Volunteers are appreciated in many ways, whether by kind word or smile, to more tangible ways, perhaps a bouquet of flowers, or some baking, and every year there is the big Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.

Much of the success of Busy B Bargains is due to the founder and director, Yvonne Brown, a tireless worker and fount of ideas and imagination. Thanks Yvonne!