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BY-LAW 1300 Smoking and Vaping of Cannabis or Cannabis products in Public Places

1300 – Smoking & Vaping Cannabis


Cannabis Facts

Cannabis Facts – Town of Tofield

With the passing of federal legislation, legalizing the use and possession of cannabis coming into effect nationwide on October 17, 2018, it should be noted that although federal law is the same throughout Canada, regulations in provinces and municipalities can differ.

Questions about cannabis regulation in the Town of Tofield

Q1: Can I use cannabis in any public space in Tofield?

A1: The answer is no. The Town of Tofield passed Bylaw 1300, which is similar to many municipalities banning the use of cannabis products in any public place. The fine for contravention will begin at $250.00 for a first offence.

Q2: Where can I use cannabis?

A2: Cannabis can only be consumed at a residence, a temporary residence or at a designated location as approved by Council.

Q3: Can I use cannabis in a vehicle?

A3: No, provincial law prohibits the use of any cannabis products in a vehicle. Persons contravening this are subject to a fine of $500.00

Q4: What is the amount of cannabis I can have in my possession?

A4: The legal possession limit for an adult is 30 grams of dry cannabis

Q5: Can I transport cannabis in a vehicle?

A5: As per provincial law, no person may transport cannabis in a vehicle unless the cannabis is contained in closed packaging that is out of the reach of the driver and any of the vehicle occupants. The fine for this infraction is $100.00

Q6: What is the legal age for someone to possess or use cannabis?

A6: You must be 18 years of age to purchase, obtain or possess cannabis as per the provincial legislation. The fine for this contravention is $100.00. If you are under 18 you are not permitted in a licensed cannabis retail store even if accompanied by an adult.


If there are any questions about cannabis regulations please call the Tofield RCMP or visit the Government of Alberta website at www.alberta.ca